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The following is a collection of links to macro and mark-up languages, their associated processors, and several mark-up converters. The links are to Google searches, as I am lazy and the items are in varying states of being supported. One missing from the list below is zoem.

almost free text
pipelined meta-language employing m4, text-block diversions, and eperl
translate (customizable) text format to HTML and [sic] DocBook
convert almost plain text
brute (plain) html latex
mark-up with embedded lua
wiki-like document markup for LaTeX/HTML output
Darwin Information Typing Architecture
translate troff requests into DocBook
process plaintext documentation into HTML, LaTeX etc
embedded python [in text]
ETset, translate ISO 8859 Etext to LaTeX, HTML, PML, or ASCII
literate programming and macro processing
generalized extensible LaTeX-like markup
gema, the general purpose macro preprocessor
gpp, generic preprocessor
grutaxt, a plain text to HTML converter
HTML s*cks completely [sic modulo s/*/u/]
permissive HTML parsing and emitting capability to Scheme programs [sic]
hypertext LaTeX
HTML pre-processor
GNU info, from the folks that abhor man pages and love topic splatter
Jamal, Just Another Macro Language
latex to html, on my system a 17032 line Perl-script
latex to man
Layered Markup and Annotation Language
a Unix macro processor
exports makefaq format to HTML, txt and DocBook
man to html
edit man pages with an "integrated XML interface"
convert manual pages to HTML
documentation for HTML and PS from a simple XML format
A (plain) text-to-html conversion tool
A macro processor for rendering HTML
A general purpose macro processor
text markup language based on setext
m4 based macro processor for HTML documents
manual TeX [by Mike Sofka]
manual TeX [by Compaq]
no-tags markup, a few unobtrusive characters
from user-specified syntax to user-specified mark-up
plain old documentation (Perl's documentation format)
parses and maps troff source to other devices
beyond cpp and m4, probably perl-programmable
PYM (A Macro Preprocessor based on Python)
integrates with docutils and reStructuredText/HTML
reStructuredText, not unlike aft and pod
Streaming Document Format, XML saves the day
Structurally enhanced text (old, I believe)
SLiP - a Sorta Like Python shorthand for XML
smart HTML
structured text, one of the elders
text to (HTML) table translator
text encoding initiative
TeX for hypertext?
Web text generator
translator for troff to various other formats
simple text format, docbook output
converting ascii to xml, IBM-developer-works-inspired
txt2tags, not unlike reStructuredText, aft, and pod
An HTML macro-processor
web LaTeX?
Website Meta Language
xml from plain text
yet oneOther Documentation Language
wiki-style formatting plus alternative XML syntax

Although I have not used it, the gema language seems well thought-out and powerful. It transforms text by applying pattern transformations, so it is not tied to a single syntax.

Christopher Browne has a section on macro languages:

There is a section on converting to/from HTML at

You might also be interested in these Freshmeat tags: text-processing, Markup, macro+text.

The Debian text section has many interesting entries, and so has the OpenBSD Ports textproc section

The following wikipedia page links to this humble page, presently (and unrelatedly) needs cleanup, and mainly has a comparison of various fairly free-style mark-up languages. For example, *bold* is typically bold, /italic/ may be italic, [[...]] denotes a hyperlink, =...=, ==...== denote first and second-level headings, and so on. I do not very much like this style of mark-up as it seems fragile. For example, white-space is significant in many different ways. It introduces a large amount of syntax and hard-wired conventions, has poor escape mechanisms, usually lacks the power of macros and is hard to extend. Anyway, the page is this.